| moment in time . LOST SOMEONE SPECIAL :( |

I lost him to god. Know if i could bring him back i would but i lost him for good now i need to move on with life.
He was the most specal people in the hole world he gave every thing and got nothing in return.  i didnt realise how much till he was gone. I need him to hold me to  me. It was a rainy day he left to go to work. but she's have a married and she have someone to love again . i lost . EVERYTHING KBYEEE :(

|we always used to talk real late afted midnight . now ... the only thing we do on the phone is fight :D is there away  make this go away ? i dont think we gonna be okay . you were my hero and i was your sidekick :D now you are gonna be the tear that i cry when split . dear i could ever be able to stay with you now . cause in time i know we'll both see we're not meant to be . cause you are  the one who makes me cry , you would never ever save me , all your words are full of lies and you are not the one i want marry :'(

|Gloomy sunday|

|cerita ni pasal seorang lelaki , dia dulu seorang composer music , semua orang tak suka lagu dia , pastu satu hari tu , dia balik rumah kena marah dengan isteri dia sebab ramai tak suka lag dia , satu hari tu . dia nak release tension dia main piano dia buat satu lagu ni . lagu ni dulu bila semua orang dengar dia akan rasa nak bunuh diri :D mybee sekarang tak kot . so dengar lahh . memang sedih , hampir ramai orang lah mati bunuh diri dengar lagu ni , satu hari tu ada seorang nak mati , dia bagi tahu kat pengali kubur tu , nak mati nanti tolong bukak lagu tu .

GLOMMY SUNDAY http://youtu.be/4WBZwLkvpFI
im bored -.- its like nothing to do here :'( and feels soo hot here
i want to go home and lay down on my bed and sleep all day ,
DADDY , Faster faster ! i cant stand this anymore . i just  got soo many work 
to do at home okay ? please understand hehh -.-:)
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